Riyadh, KSA
12:43 am
25 / 02 / 2018

About Us






  • Set up conferences, symposia and seminars to discuss issues related to the areas of concern of the society.
  • Conduct scientific research in areas of interest and related knowledge and encouraging others to conduct, publish, distribute and exchange the results of these researches with the concerned organizations.
  • To publish a magazine or newsletter, or both concerned with the deployment of research and studies related to areas of interest of the society.
  • Issuing awareness bulletins and publications and other means of health awareness to raise the level of knowledge and awareness among the public in the areas of specialization of the society.
  • Set up scientific trips and organize scientific competitions in the field of competence of the society.
  • To contribute in training programs and continuing education in the areas of specialization of the society
  • Participation in the local and international exhibitions and seminars.
  • Invite scholars and thinkers to participate in the activities of the society.
  • To issue clinical rules and evidence in the field of specialty.
  • Participate in the evaluation of professional scientific qualifications and professional performance of practitioners in the field of specialty association agreement with the relevant authorities.
  • Provide technical advice to different orgnizations with respect to different health practices and activities and health procedures and evaluate the health facilities for the purpose of approval to provide the service.

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